Frequently Asked Questions - and Answers

1.     Can I get a tax receipt for my donation?

     We are a charity registered with the Canada Revenue Agency, and will issue charitable receipts for all donations.

     We gladly accept donations of all kinds.  The advantage of monetary donations is flexibility: we can buy what we need at the time.


2.     What about  donations in kind?


     In kind

     We certainly accept donations of food and other items we need.  

     All food donations must come from a certified kitchen and be in sealed original packaging.  We cannot accept home-made items.

     If an invoice or receipt accompanies the donation, then a tax receipt is issued.

     Some guidance regarding food donations - We cook and serve in bulk, so small individual serving items are less useful.

     Here is a list of items we use frequently.  If you are not sure we can use an item, please call to ask.

                                   Regularly useful food items



          Call 905-687-8089 before dropping off food so a person can receive it.                  

                         (Never leave food at door, pls)

                                                   Monday to friday  0830 to 1200 hr


3.     Do you give out clothes? Can someone get gloves or socks?          

     No, we do not - All we do is serve lunch.  We are not an  agency that can provide clothing or social services.

4.     How do I get to volunteer at the Ozanam Centre?


     Please check out our "Join Us" page.  We have an application you can downloaad and fill in.

SOUP:  cans - cream of mushroom, cream of celery, tomato

             dried bulk soup base of vegetable, chicken, beef


TOMATO: large cans of juice or diced tomatoes


Italian salad dressing

Canola oil or vegetable oil

All-purpose flour

Large flake oatmeal

Granola bars

Individual yogurts and  fruit cups or puddings

Fresh fruit and vegetables