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Winter 2022

On Wednesdays, the Mobile Health Clinic plugs into our electrical supply in order to provide medical assistance to street folks. They are equipped to provide trauma-informed, primary medical treatments, mental health services, addiction support and COVID-19 screening directly to those who need it most.

To keep the door open for lunches five days a week, it takes volunteers working inside and out.  Snow removal has been a requirement even to get the door open! Inside, at least one hot item is served each day along with a salad or maybe soup/sandwich.  

Ozanam Steps Out!

Picnic in the parking lot of

Quest was a cooperative effort of agencies to inform people of available services and provide social interaction.

As a certified kitchen, we freely served 220 meals  for the first time outside of the Ozanam Centre.

Thanks to Starbucks, we could serve coffee too!

27 June 2022

August 2022

Thank you, Starbucks!!

Thanks to local Starbucks employees, we were nominated and selected for a Neighbourhood Grant from the Starbucks foundation!

These grants are in recognition of organizations felt to be making communities stronger by supporting social services, fighting hunger and addessing homelessness.

Starbucks has been a consistent suporter of the Ozanam for some time,

and we very much value their partnership with us.

October 2022


Recognized Again!!

We have been chosen for a funding grant from the

Kerry and Barbara Cornelius & Family Fund at the Niagara Community Foundation

We very much appreciate their trust in us to support

our ongoing operating costs to feed those in need

Thank you, Cornelius Family!!